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The law offices of Canel, King & Jones is located in Chicago, Illinois. We provide a focused range of litigation services to large public corporations, closely held corporations, and individuals primarily in Chicago and the Midwest, although we have handled cases from coast-to-coast. We have a diverse practice with an emphasis in the following areas:

Our firm has been in business since 1985. Our current partners have enjoyed working together since 1991. Together, we have over forty five years of experience as trial lawyers.

Our practice generally consists of a relatively small number of large cases. We believe this provides valuable advantages for our clients. The attorneys you hire will be the attorneys that work on your case. You will always know who to call when you need information and they will be focused on your case and what it takes to win.

Too often, lawyers turn a simple case into "complex litigation." Armies of associates wage protracted and expensive trench warfare over theories and facts that will be long forgotten when the case is decided.

It doesn't have to be that way. Our approach is to find the essence of your case first, then focus on the discovery and research necessary to win. Getting to the point saves money. It also wins cases.

Our compensation agreements are flexible. If possible, we prefer to bill our clients a below-market hourly fee with a bonus paid if you win. What's our incentive? The same as yours: Resolving the case swiftly and successfully, not billing hours.

Our clients range from large public companies to privately held corporations, partnerships and individuals. We have appeared in trial, appellate and arbitration proceedings throughout the United States. We handle contract, fraud, partnership disputes, insurance coverage, construction, antitrust, civil rights, and large scale personal injury and property damage cases. This background provides an uncommon breadth of experience in this age of specialization.

Visit our Practice Areas/Cases to learn more about our diverse services, or contact us anytime to schedule a review of your case.

Located in Chicago and practicing in the Midwest and throughout the nation.


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